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Build your community and create giveaways “live” online

myQuiz is an interactive quiz for social media, users can play it in real time from any device. myQuiz has specials for bloggers: add your own sponsored content, show your YouTube videos live on the game many screens, and get extended features to engage advertisers.

With myQuiz you can:

Build your community

In myQuiz, you can conduct quizzes exclusively for your subscribers. Announce your game with a requirement to subscribe to your blog/channel and engage new fans.

Entertain and engage

Looking for fun activities for your audience? Create your own question, add images and videos, and let your subscribers compete with each other in real-time!

Increase your metrics

Streaming on YouTube? Chatting about game questions and results can increase engagement metrics. Players will keep seeing your stream even while playing.

Draw sponsored money

Promo blocks are shown to players at important stages (start, waiting for the next question, final). Offer this to advertisers as a new platform for native advertising, or even create a quiz about your sponsor’s brand.

Large audiences are welcome!

Up to 100,000 users can play myQuiz simultaneously - the game is ready for this load on demand. We also offer customized design for myQuiz (from the welcome screen to the leaderboard). Just contact us for a quote!

Why are quizzes indispensable for building your community?

Interactive & emotional:

In myQuiz players use all their wits, coordination, and knowledge. You can start the game even while streaming. This new activity will bring you more engaged viewers, hence more subscribers and monetization opportunities!

Custom design:

You can add your own images and videos for free. myQuiz team also can add your logo and customize the game on demand.

Content monetization:

Creating and conducting a quiz about your sponsor is easy! With myQuiz, you can create your own quizzes on any topic.

Promo blocks:

Create a quiz that is relevant to your community’s topic, and add sponsored promo blocks on the game’s welcome screen, leaderboard, and between questions.

YouTube live stream:

Re-stream from YouTube to myQuiz: your viewers switch from your stream to your quiz, answer questions, and keep seeing & hearing you on the game’s screens.

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Who made MyQuiz?

WaveAccess is an international custom software company that has been providing high quality offshore development services since 2000.

We merge our vast experience and deep expertise with well-established and cutting edge technologies. Supporting customers in their pursuit of cost-effective software, WaveAccess has been building innovative solutions for a range of industries for over 19 years.