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Drive attention to your offers and increase customer engagement through gamification

Try myQuiz - the platform for conducting online browser quizzes in real-time. In myQuiz, advertising is natively built into an amusing game, with your content in the spotlight.

Drive attention

A new memorable format for content - a quiz about your products or services. The game is fast-paced, users can play from any device, and it inspires positive engagement. This is the best moment to inform new audiences about your brand!

Raise brand awareness

Add elements of your corporate style on game controls and screens by using your own images and videos in questions. Place branded content between questions so the audience remembers you!

Increase customer engagement

Promo codes and discount coupons make the best prizes in a quiz - so you can drive attention to your products. Show promo blocks with calls to action between questions, and let your players become your customers!

5 reasons to add gamification into your communication strategy

Native advertising

Quiz questions about your advantages will perfectly support your promotion efforts, while relevant promo blocks can lead your audience to action.

In the right place at the right time

Wherever your customers are, the game is always close to them, and it is easy to engage. Whether it be traffic jams, lines in stores, noisy crowds, or at home - myQuiz is always there to send branded messages.

Tell your story

With an intellectual game, you can tell your brand’s story, and make your unique advantages clear. Reveal even those concepts which are too complex to get across in a simple advertising campaign!

Research your audience

Add popular trackers to the game (Facebook pixel, Google tracker). Get reports with players’ statistics, links, and other activities after a game.

Youtube Live Stream

Reach out to new audiences with live streaming from YouTube on the game’s screen. Collaborate with bloggers by offering them myQuiz & use promo-blocks to expand your audience.

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