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Conduct Multiplayer Quizzes and Prize Draws in Real Time

Create memorable, engaging, experiences with up to 20,000 concurrent players!

Games with under 300 players are free, and if you require additional capacity or branding just write to chat.

Connect With Your Audience
Warm up your audience with a short quiz before your presentation, conduct a quiz during the presentation or emphasize key points and reward the most attentive listeners at the end of an event.
Enhance Teaching Strategies
Check your students’ knowledge and improve students learning by adding a competitive edge through a game.
Stimulating Fun Quiz for Your Get-together
Having a birthday party? Do a fun quiz and check which of your friends knows you the best! Or how about those awkward events where no one knows each other. What better way to break the ice than to play an event theme quiz game.
Fast, Clear and Fair Rewards
Players earn points for correct answers and for speed — the one who answers correctly first, gets the most points and leaderboard shows updates in real time.
How It Works
Step 1
Sign Up at myquiz.ru
Step 2
Create your theme related questions and add possible answers. You can use default settings for time, points, etc. or set your own.
Step 3
Invite attendees to myquiz.ru and share the quiz code to enter. Attendees can play your quiz on any device.
Step 4
Start the game once everyone has joined!
Step 5
Reward the winners!
Create your own quiz from scratch or play a sample quiz from catalog of quizzes. It’s free and easy.
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