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How to customize myQuiz and why?

Add branding to every game’s element, and notably increase brand awareness!

Quiz customization & benefits for brands

Quiz customization & benefits for brands

While playing myQuiz, your audience keeps their eyes on the screens. This is the best moment to introduce your brand in the form of a game!

Just change the game’s default screens by adding your logo and brand colours:
  • Before the game - sign up screen and waiting screen.
  • During the game - the font, every control & the main screen.
  • At the finale - the leaderboard.

Increase brand awareness!

Branding for the sign up form
To play myQuiz, users need to sign up. We customize the signup screen so players are introduced to your brand at the very beginning of a game.
Branding for the waiting screen
While a host explains how to play, your audience sees the waiting screen. It appears both on the users’ devices and on the stage displays. Branding of this screen is visible for everyone at the event!
Branding for the main screen
Questions appear both on players’ devices, and on the stage displays. We add elements of your corporate identity into the controls and font.
Branding for the leaderboard
This is the culmination of any game! Everyone’s attention is drawn to a screen with the TOP-10 leaders. Branding on the leaderboard is visible while the host congratulates winners & rewards them with prizes; it will be on photos and selfies from the event.

Adaptive branding

We help with a quality display of the game on different screen types.

Our team can help you with all aspects of MyQuiz game demonstration and customization and we have a trusted marketing partner that is ready to help with all marketing support in respect to trivia game creation and collaboration with Sport Club PR team.

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